Self Adhesive Labels

Choosing the correct adhesive labels

There are two basic types of self adhesive labels: permanent and removable. Each type of adhesive is made from a variety of glues depending on the conditions the label will have to endure, the length of time it is required and the environment or conditions of storage.

Self Adhesive labels are usually coated with an acrylic, rubber or water-based glue. Sticky labels can either be applied permanently or temporally.

Self adhesive labels can printed on by laser printers, inkjet printers, photocopiers or handwritten. Laser printers and photocopiers are a hot process and we recommend that A4 sheets of labels are only printed once for best results. The heat process evaporates the moisture in the adhesive each time it is passed through the printer. 

Water-based adhesives should only be used and stored in dry environments.

Adhesive labels coated with rubber adhesives are preferred for their tackiness. Over time however, they are prone to failure if exposed to the sun's UV rays. If the labels are not likely to be exposed to sunlight, this type of adhesive works well.

Acrylic-based adhesive labels can be easily moved around. This type of label adhesive is suitable for long-lasting products that need labels to withstand time and frequent handling.

Depending on the surface to be labelled and the lifespan of the label, there are four types of adhesives commonly used. 

There are four major types of label adhesive

  • High tack label adhesive is used for labels that have to stick permanently to rough surfaces, or shaped structures. A permanent label adhesive should only be used if the label is not going to be removed. The label and adhesive can only be removed by using a solvent. 
  • A peelable label adhesive is suitable when a label is temporary and will need to be removed or replaced. The label will peel off and no adhesive residue will remain. These self adhesive labels are also know as repositionable, or removable labels
  • Freezer adhesives are used on freezer or refrigerator labels. The label adhesive will not crack or peel under the extreme cold, damp conditions.  
  • Static cling labels are usually plastic and can cling to smooth surfaces using a static charge only. They are easily repositioned or removed without leaving a residue. A4 Labels do not stock these labels.

Before a label adhesive is chosen, many factors must be considered.

  • These include the size and shape of the label
  • The texture of the surface to be labelled
  • The environment of the label
  • The permanence of a label
  • Shipping labels and pre-printed labels
  • Permanent or temporary adhesives.
  • Waterproof labels made from plastic materials
  • Black plastic labels have a high tack adhesive and provide a light proof rugged label. 

If you have any questions about choosing the correct self adhesive labels, please contact customer service.

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